Directors & Officers

iprism’s D&O product indemnifies your clients that are Directors and in positions of responsibility against acts undertaken in the running of an organisation, as well as those involving negligence and breach of trust from an honest mistake.

Standard cover

  • ‘Wrongful Acts’: Breaches of duty or trust, neglect, error, misstatement, misleading statements, omission, negligent act or any other act wrongfully committed
  • Advancement of defence costs
  • Damages awarded against the director or officer including exemplary damages for libel and slander
  • Company reimbursement
  • Investigation legal fees and expenses, covering the company and the individuals
  • Blanket cover for any person deemed to be a director or officer, past, present and future
  • Managerial/Supervisory staff included as insured persons

Optional cover

  • Employment Practice Liability Insurance for claims against the company.

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