iprism for Insurers

Broker Distribution

iprism has worked hard to grow our broker base; enabling you to get your products to brokers quickly, efficiently and hassle-free.

Comprehensive MI

The nature of our advanced market leading technology allows instant data collection. This immediate processing of information enables you to stay ahead of the curve.


With a joined up approach, we can develop bespoke question templates to ensure we are marrying the right consumer for the products you are supporting.

Cost Reduction

We are able to identify performance levels of our products and help make the necessary changes to keep costs down.

Speed to Market

Our unique proposition allows you to get a wide range of products to brokers across the country within minutes.

Product Efficiency

Rapid exchange of information on the latest changes to our products, allowing insurers to support and process product updates swiftly.

A unique framework opening up new opportunities.

Insurers are able to work closely with our experienced underwriting and development departments to create their own bespoke products, designed just the way they want, on the iprism system. In addition, we have developed specially crafted templates covering standard product details including sum insured limits, rates and rating areas, policy documents and standards of security, which form the framework for products. Using this framework is a quick and cost-effective way for you to bring bespoke new products to market. As an insurer, this opens up opportunities for you to add products to your portfolio that previously may not have been considered.

Convenience & Efficiency

Our offices are conveniently situated near London’s Liverpool Street and working closely with you we can continually enhance your product range. Moreover, we provide you with a quick turnaround for product releases and updates, as well as keeping you informed with the latest Management Information.

Lower Thames Street, London