iprism & You

iprism was established in 2006 with the aim of putting brokers first. By trading with iprism, brokers can choose from a wide range of products for clients who require business or personal insurances and our highly skilled team of underwriters are on hand to offer a bespoke solutions for complex cases.

We have worked closely with our panel of insurers to provide cover and rates which are unique to us. Because all of our insurers have agreed to a single iprism policy wording, you receive a true price comparison from across our entire panel of insurers, subject to endorsements and insurer appetite.

Simple. iprism gives you access to a wide insurer panel and support over the web, which means you can deliver insurance solutions quickly, efficiently and economically. To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Providing a quick, efficient and responsive service.
  • Enabling empowerment, choice and independence.
  • Providing comprehensive cover to help meet your client’s needs.
  • Reducing the costs of running your business.

As long as you have an internet connection, there are no transactional costs whatsoever. The system is totally free for brokers to use and there is no membership fee.

iprism offers you the chance to reduce your costs and improve your profitability. The sooner you start using iprism, the sooner you will start to enjoy the benefits. To apply for an agency, please complete the online application form on our Join page or e-mail agency@iprism.co.uk and we’ll be in contact.

Joining iprism is quick and easy. After completing an online agency application form, our Broker Relationship team will contact you to discuss your requirements further. Subject to the approval of your TOBA and everything being acceptable to both parties, we will be able to issue an agency with the accompanying introduction with your independent log-in details for the Broker Portal.

Yes, we can set up several users in your office, all of whom will have their own secure password and username. You will also be able to set up an Administrator for your account who can determine the level of access your team has to various parts of the site, e.g. the accounts section and to allow for quote and bind or quote only.

No. iprism will put forward the best renewal terms to you, which you can then review and update if necessary before forwarding it on to your client electronically.

No, although we would be delighted if you choose to place all your business with iprism, we recognise that you must treat your customers fairly and carry out a market exercise to fulfill your clients’ needs! You are not bound to place a set amount of business with us, but we are sure that once you have used the system - and got used to our quick and efficient way of trading - you will soon see the benefit of placing your business this way.

We would be very disappointed if our system had not lived up to your expectations. However, there are no ‘penalties’ or ‘commission clawbacks’ in the event of you choosing to not use iprism in the future.

Insurers & Finance

No, your TOBA will be with iprism, so providing there hasn't been any previous issues with an insurer you will have full access to our panel.

Not a problem, you are able to ‘switch off’ insurers you don't wish to support.

Insurers are keen to reduce their costs - and yours - by making products available to brokers quickly and efficiently via the internet. iprism provides a way for them to achieve this while ensuring that the brokers get the necessary support to trade effectively.

For business placed with iprism, your first point of contact will be the iprism Broker Service Centre, where our underwriters, with delegated authority, should be able to resolve any issues. Where you already have a strong relationship with a local insurer office, then this will continue for any business that you place outside of the iprism arrangements.

Not a problem. You can use your own existing arrangements if you prefer.


This is fine. iprism have Risk Transfer agreements in place with all our insurers. In addition, our insurers have agreed to cascade risk transfer to all our agents, (you), and this is reflected in clause 9 of our TOBA. This means that as soon as your client has paid you, the insurers consider those monies to have been received by them.

Service & Support

As long as you have Internet access you will be able to access the iprism system. Broadband will be the quickest and most efficient way to use the portal.

As an internet based business, the security of our systems is of prime concern. All our systems, and indeed our working processes, are rigorously tested and monitored to ensure that all business transacted is as secure as possible.

Depending on the nature of your enquiry, your calls will be handled by our dedicated Broker Service Centre in 4th Floor, Northern & Shell Building, 10 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6AF. iprism is totally UK based. We do not outsource any part of our critical business process to overseas companies.

Initially claims will be notified to Sedgwick International UK, who will operate a First Notification of Loss (FNOL) service on our behalf. Claims will then immediately be passed to the relevant insurer and continually monitored and supported by Sedgwick.

Yes, we have made the system straightforward and intuitive to use so that new users can pick it up quickly.

Policy documentation (Policy, Schedule, Statement of Fact, and IPID, as applicable) is available within seconds of completing the buy process. It is provided in PDF format over the internet/e-mail so that you can forward it on to your customer electronically.