About Us

Electronic trading with real time underwriting.

iprism was designed to enable brokers to manage their SME insurance portfolio more efficiently - with the portal available 24/7, brokers can conduct business when it suits them. Our system offers true auto-rating and instant comparative quotations, electronic referrals and online purchasing of policies with documentation delivered immediately. Our specialist team of underwriters are continuously interacting with our portal; making changes in real time and providing bespoke solutions for brokers, and with a number of the UK’s leading insurers on each panel, across our entire portfolio, our brokers can be sure they are receiving a competitive quote, every time.

* Our unique technology compares prices based on identical policy wordings

User-friendly, cutting edge and continuously improving and refined.

Our vision was to create a platform that would fit business instead of the business having to fit around the technology. Designed and built by a dedicated in-house team of analysts and software engineers, working closely with Underwriting, Sales and Service staff, our policy of continuous improvement and refinement means that you get the best solution possible right now, in a rapidly developing market.

Our constant application of research and engineering resource has led us into new markets and discovered more efficient routes into existing ones – bearing fruit as new features within our systems, and unique or enhanced products.

Let us help you write business faster, more efficiently and more comprehensively while maintaining full control of your portfolio.